Month: June 2022


Using your TV to keep fit

We regularly hear on the news that people are less active than they used to be. These days, it isn’t necessary to go to the gym to keep fit. You could take up a free (if you ignore the cost of sports shoes and women’s activewear) sport such as running, hiking or just walking. These are ideal if you love the great outdoors and don’t mind the occasional spot of rain. But if you prefer to stay warm and dry the answer is to find a form of exercise to do at home.

Essential equipment

One of the easiest ways to exercise at home is to make good use of your smart TV. This will give you access to a wide range of online videos via sites such as YouTube and other apps. Many fitness trainers have posted a variety of different exercise and keep fit videos that you can follow in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you. The videos are designed for people of all abilities and the variety is vast, from zumba to simple yoga, there will be a routine that works for you.

For this reason, the first piece of essential equipment is the TV itself. Then you have to think about how comfortable you are going to be. Good sports shoes are essential, even if you’re working out on your carpet. You may not need these for yoga with your women’s activewear but you will for other types of exercise. They provide the support your feet need and act as a shock absorber, helping to protect your joints from damage.

Then you need to consider the sportswear. Women’s activewear designed to offer maximum flexibility and comfort so it is ideal for any type of exercise, whether you are simply stretching or taking part in something more energetic. Modern women’s activewear is carefully designed to move and stretch when you do, so it will never feel tight no matter what type of exercise you are doing.

Easy access to exercise classes is right there at your fingertips. Do a few searches to see what your TV service or the apps can offer you. Try a few out and see which ones work best for you. There is no harm in trying a few different classes. Keeping a mix of exercise types in your weekly routine can help to keep you motivated to improve your fitness levels.